Pomona Island Brew Co. If Only I Had One Love (12.5%)

Part of a series of thirteen barrel aged Imperial Stouts, this version has been aged in a Recioto Sweet Wine Cask, and man alive is it a thing a beauty.
Not overly fizzy, the beer isn’t by any means flat, but it certainly feels like it has spent time lying around.
But that’s not a bad thing, because the beer is deep and thick and rich enough to not need a whole load of bubbles.
It feels smooth and creamy, with chocolate and black coffee, fresh rolling tobacco and treacle tart all pushed along by a deliciously rich boozy warmth.
And then the flavours of the barrel come to the fore, and for me, as a fan of Port, I couldn’t be happier with what this beer gives.
Dark black cherries, strawberry jam sweetness, damp oak and a hint of mushrooms, leather and vanilla pods, this beer is like the best cocktail of Stout, Port, Ice Cream and Sherry all in one mid bendingly big bottle that I guess is meant for sharing.
I’ll see you tomorrow.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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