St. Mars Of The Desert Barba Vs. Fuma

Barbapapa (10%)
This Imperial Stout does all the things you might ask for if you were to make a list of things you might want an Imperial Stout to do.
There’s a deep rich malt body full of treacle tart, black coffee, burned wholemeal toast and sticky runny honey.
Then there’s even more malts bringing thick dark bitter chocolate and custard cream biscuits.
You also get a welcome slap of fresh bitterness from the hopping, all autumnal woodland walks, red leaf litter and black cherry stones.
And then in the finish the beer goes thick and dark with liquorice, Demerara sugar and warm Jamaica rum.
This is a beer to wallow in.
Super stuff.

Fumapapa (10%)
So this is, I’m guessing, the same beer with an addition or substitution of smoked malt.
There’s a lot of good stuff in here.
Dark chocolate and black coffee, treacle tart, cherries, prunes and, simply put, Black Forest Gateaux.
The smoked malt adds a warm woody, rolling tobacco fug, comforting and inviting in equal measure, while there’s a deep boozy heat that makes the finish of the beer feel very sexy indeed.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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