Wild Card Brewery Vs. Lazy Oaf

Wild Card have teamed up with fashion brand Lazy Oaf to produce a range of beer.
While the clothes don’t excite me – I am, after all, fifty two – the beer does.
The cans are presented beautifully and the beer tastes good.

Lazy Eye PA (5.7%)
Heavy with a pineapple and peach aroma, this is a really decent IPA.
The malts are full of caramel, wafers, biscuits and honey, it makes for warm, sticky and very satisfying body over which the hops are sharp with herbal leaves, lots of resinous pine, apricots and sherbet fountains.
In the finish the yeast adds an earthy stone fruit and pineapple sweetness.



Oaf Juice (4.8%)
This raspberry, blackcurrant and sorrel wheat sour is an absolute joy.
It pours a very pleasant pinky purple and smells of squishy berries and sweet silage.
The wheat in the recipe makes for a soft and smooth caramel and wafer body, while the hops add a slap of herbal greenery.
But it’s the delicate mix of fruit and sorrel that makes this beer so good.
Tart rather than sour, the fruit is bright and juicy with the dry snap of citrus from the sorrel in the finish.


Snifter (4.2%)
There’s a bagful of Cryo hops in here and they only just sit the right side of overwhelming.
The first mouthful I took was a little overpowering, but once I’d taken another swig everything evened out a little, leaving me with a mouth full of rather good fruity Pale Ale.
The body is sticky with toffee biscuits and honey, and there’s a rather nice warm yeasty dryness in the background, adding a roundness to the massive wave of hops.
Cryo-Citra, Loral and Cascade, along with Cahsmere and Mosaic, give you a whole basket of fruit wrapped in garden herbs and presented on a bed of mown lawn clippings.

Source: Wild Card Brewery

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