Wild Card’s International Women’s Day

I know it’s a little after the fact, but I was still really happy to get to try this gang of collaborative beer that Wild Card have brewed to celebrate International Women’s Day 2022.
And so, without further ado…

Locus Amoenus (5.2%) is a NEIPA brewed with Georgia Young and St. Austell Brewery.
The malt bill includes Lager malt and flaked oats which gives the beer a soft smooth and rather creamy backbone with a subtle caramel and wafer sweetness, while hopping – Harlequin, Godiva and Olicana – bring fresh English meadows, green herbal foliage, a hint of tea leaves and a lick of chunky orange marmalade to the long bitter finish that’s peppered with an earthy warmth from the house yeast.



Deep Roots (4.1%) is a soft and subtle Pale Ale brewed alongside Neptune Brewery and Julie O’Grady.
The lager malt and oats give the beer a smooth creamy body that is sweet with honey and caramel, wafers and waffles.
Over this the house yeast brings peach stones and a lightly salted earthy tang, while the hops are sharp and bright with lime leaves and lemon sherbet, juicy melon and mown lawns.



Mycelium Networks (5.2%), brewed with Sophie De Ronde and Burnt Mill, is a rather fine American Brown Ale.
The chocolate coated fruit of the aroma leads you into a beer with lots of strawberry ice cream, coffee and toffee, pecan pie and red cherries.
It’s a beer that feels round and warm and satisfying but is cut through in the finish by a delightfully sharp hit of zesty lemon rind, freshly cut green herbal leaves and resinous pine.


From Tiny Acorns To Mighty Oaks (5.8%) is a collaboration with Charlotte Cook and Coalition Brewing.
It’s a West Coast IPA and does everything you might want from the style.
It’s crisp and clean, bright and punchy.
There’s lots of melon and guava, resinous pine and zingy lemon zest from the hops, while the malting gives you a soft and subtly sweet caramel and biscuit, wafer and waffle body.
All of this and an aroma that’s fresh with strawberries and peaches.

Source: Wild Card Brewery

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