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Hello there, please introduce yourselves.
We’re Attic Brew Co founded by Oli Hurlow and Sam Back.
Our brewery team is now sixteen people and seven dogs strong!  
You are based in the Stirchley area of Birmingham I believe. Are you local to that area?
Yes we’re based in Stirchley just over the bridge from Bournville station.
Sam is local but Oli hails from Bristol, they met at university and have been friends ever since.  Despite not all of the team being from Birmingham originally we are proud, adopted Brummies.
How did the brewery come about and why is it called Attic?
The brewery was founded in 2018.
We’re called Attic as, after several years of getting more and more into home brewing, Sam had built a brewery in his attic in Birmingham.
It was brewing beer here that the idea to start a brewery came about.

In fact if you come to our onsite taproom you can still see that original kit above our bar!
The brewery was born from a desire to see locally brewed beer become more readily available to the people of Birmingham and to better establish Brum as a city of great beer.
Lately I have noticed a few collaborations with other breweries. Is there a reason behind that other than it’s just fun to do?
We like to choose to collaborate with breweries that share our philosophy of community and forward thinking beer.  Of course they are fun to do but they also help us to learn from other breweries and give us a chance to have our beer available in more locations around the UK (and further afield!). 
What are your future plans for Attic?
The brewing capacity has grown by over 10 times in the last 4 years.
When we opened our capacity was 4,000L.
Our new brewhouse (installed in 2020) along with additional storage tanks has now increased that to 55,200L.
This additional space along with our new, more efficient brewery means we can focus not only on our 3 core beers (Intuition Pale Ale, Signals IPA and Birmingham Pilsner) but branch out into more specials such as NEIPAs, sours and stouts.
We’ll always be about our local community, as can be seen in our award winning taproom, but we also want to start getting our beers out to a wider audience.
Now our team is growing we also hope to have more opportunities to attend festivals around the country – these are a great way to showcase our beers to a new audience and of course are a lot of fun.
We don’t foresee any more expansion (for the time being) as we want to continue to learn and grow whilst putting out some banging beers for our Brum community and the wider market.
And so to the beer itself…

Big Sur (8.3%) is a West Coast DIPA full of all the fun you’d want it to be.
From the chewy fruit salad sweeties of the aroma to the sharp bitter finish, Big Sur will keep you happy all the way through.
The malts are round and sticky with honey and toffee, brown bread and shortcake biscuits, while the hops bring lemon zest and sherbet fountains, resinous pine and freshly ripped up herbal leaves.
Zippy, zingy, and with a warm boozy heart, this is a dead good DIPA.


Louny Tunes (6.7%) has been brewed in collaboration with Zichovec and is a decent NEIPA.
Full of lightly spiced peach and apricot form the yeast, the hops are full of green herbal shrubbery, gooseberry skins, mango pulp and lemon zest.
Underneath this zippy sharp fruity goodness lies a solid malt body that’s all brown sugar syrup, waffles, honey and brown bread crusts.
In the finish the beer sits halfway between sharp and bitter, round fruity.



Once upon a time Signals (5.6%) was my favourite Rush LP, but now it is also a really lovely IPA.
There’s a super subtle, smooth and creamy malt body with lots of runny caramel coated shortcake biscuits, a sprinkle of brown sugar and white pepper and a dab of honey that forms a very nice body, while the hopping is bright and sharp, all freshly picked garden flowers, herbs and nettles, lemon zest and melon flesh.
All this and a smell that gives you fresh strawberries and peach.
What more could you want?


Intuition, at (4.4%) is a gentle and easy going Pale Ale, a beer that if served in my local I’d happily drink all evening.
The soft apricot and mandarin aroma gives way to an equally gentle runny honey and salted shortcake biscuit malt, while the hops are sharp and bitter, fresh and zingy, with lemon zest and nettle leaves, orange juice, sherbet fountains and green Starburst.
Int he finish the beer goes superbly bitter and dry, making you reach for your glass and the for another refill.


Tuck Shop (6%)
Now this is fun.
It’s a Rhubarb and Custard Sour, that tastes just like the sweets of my childhood.
The custard is creamy, sweet and smooth, sitting on top of a solid Rich Tea biscuit caramel and honey malt, while the rhubarb is sharp and bright and fruity.
There’s a little snap of green herbal hops, but really this beer is all about tasting like a Rhubarb & Custard sweet, and that is exactly what it does.


Very Important (5.6%)
calls itself a Chocolate Caramel Digestive Biscuit Stout, and I for one can’t argue with that description.
Imagine a packet of digestive biscuits doused in a runny caramel sauce, a cup of strong black coffee on the side and maybe, just maybe, because you are that kind of artistic, left field hobo, a slab of pistachio halva to pick at as you tuck into the latest remastered reissue of Coltrane’s “Blue Train”.
This is rich and round and sexy, a beer to sip at and nod knowingly that you are in the presence of something delicious as the rolling tobacco and hot chocolate of the finish leave you satisfied and sated.

Get more information about Attic here.

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