Two Lagers From Moor Beer Co.

Italian Pils (5.2%)
Honest to goodness, hot and sunny lunchtime lager.
That’s what this is.
This is a crisp, bitter and beautifully dry beer, its hops bursting and popping with hedgerow foliage, garden flowers and lemon rind, while its malt body is as smooth as an Italian on the pull.
Sticky with toffee and sweet with honey, while a little earthy yeast warmth builds in the finish.



Smoked Lager (4.2%)
And here we go with another delightfully made lager from Moor.
Again there’s a soft and creamy malt body, made extra smooth by the addition of Wheat.
It’s all toffee and digestive biscuits, and this time a warm smokiness, a little bacon and an autumnal camp fire rumbles away under the sticky sweet honey.
The hopping is once again fresh and sharp and zingy with lemon rind and leafy garden herbs, while the finish is razor sharp and as dry as can be.


Source: Moor Beer Co.

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