UnBarred Brewing Co. Imperial Bueno Shake (10%)

Imagine if you will, swigging a glass of Jamaica Rum with a Kinder Bueno.
Got it?
If you can’t imagine the joy that that would bring you only need to grab this can from UnBarred to find out just how magical that mix is.
Thick and creamy chocolate and vanilla, wafers and waffles, not to mention thick honey and brioche all washed down with black coffee and a big glug of rum.
There’s a smooth milkiness along with a little slap of hedgerow greenery that brings some brightness to the edges of the beer, but really this is a drink that needs to be enjoyed without any notice paid to the individual parts, it’s a beer that asks to be enjoyed for what it is.
And what it is is a ridiculously good Imperial Milk Stout that tastes like a Kinder Bueno washed down with a glass of Jamaica rum.

Source: The Offie

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Signature Brew Co. Good Vibrations (5.2%)

Yet another great little beer from Signature, who are currently going from strength to strength.
I’m not sure what has changed for them, but over the course of the last year or two they’ve come on in leaps and bounds.
Good Vibrations is a New England Pale and it’s a lovely little beer.
It pours a hazy golden straw colour and smells of pineapple
Chunks and limes.
There’s a solid brown sugar, pancake and biscuit malt body, and the unmistakable swish of apricots and peaches from the yeast.
The hopping brings zesty zingy lemon rind, juicy mango and a slap of mandarins as you head towards the delightfully dry finish.

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Sierra Nevada Fantastic Haze (9%)

Those who know me well know how much I adore Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo.
At one point, according to UnTappd, I appear to have drunk the vast majority of Torpedo in the UK.
I’ve not had a Torpedo now for well over a year.
It just doesn’t seem to turn up in the places I go to these days, and that makes me sad as it is one of the world’s great beers.
Today I discovered Sierra Nevada’s Fantastic Haze.
It’s an Imperial IPA, and it’s not Torpedo, it’s a very different type of IPA.
But it is still a modern classic.
Fantastic Haze has a sticky brioche and honey malt backbone, and over this there’s the most amazing pineapple and mango fruity hop hit.
There’s fuzzy apricot and pink shrimp sweeties as well, while the booze brings warmth to the big French kiss of the finish.
Not only has this reminded me about the quality of Sierra Nevada’s beer, it has made me yearn to drink a Torpedo again and rekindle my love.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Dog’s Window Brewery It’s A Crossbreed Blueberry (7.2%)

This is the second iteration of Dog’s Window’s Crossbreed series, and this time it’s an Imperial Porter brewed with blueberries.
And just like the Maple version I write about before, this beer is an absolute joy.
The thing I love the most about this beer is that Dog’s Window have allowed the blueberries to be themselves, they’ve not forced anything from them.
As you know, blueberries have a unique but really rather subtle flavour and instead of trying to push that flavour and amplify it, this beer lets the blueberries just, well, be.
All the things of a good Porter are here, with dry cocoa, honey, burned toast and digestive biscuits creating a solid body, and the East Kent Golding hops bringing some very English liquorice, marmalade and nettle sting greenery.
Vanilla has been added as well, but just like the blueberries, it’s a subtle addition, adding a gentle warm creamy sweetness while the blueberries bring their soft fruity bodies to the delightfully juicy finish.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Dog’s Window Brewery It’s A Crossbreed Imperial Maple Porter (7.2%)

I have a real soft spot for Dog’s Window.
Based in Bridgend, they brew very small quantities with the utmost care to detail, and as such remind me of Poppyland on the opposite coast, who as many of you will know I am a huge fan of.
This Imperial Porter, part of a series called It’s A Crossbreed (at least I presume that as I have another beer with the same name and slightly different ingredients in my fridge), has been brewed with Maple extract that gives the beer a big sticky, chewy wood sappy sweetness.
Coupled with a malt bill that brings black coffee, burned toast and freshly fried pancakes to the party, you could almost be forgIven for thinking that this is a Breakfast Stout, save for the super dryness you find in the finish, the lick of liquorice and nettle leaves from the East Kent Goldings, and the almightily sexy stickiness of the Maple.
Delicious beer.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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