Salt Beer Factory Drawboy (6%)

Salt’s India Pale Lager has all the smooth creamy caramel and brioche, runny honey and bread crusts you’d expect from a beautifully lagered beer.
The body is soft and round, with a prickle of clear gin warmth from the alcohol.
But it’s the Nelson Sauvin I found first.
The delightful pithiness of gooseberries and green grape skins, not only wafting up at me as I poured, but bursting on my tongue as I took my first swig.
There’s also the sharp slap of Citra’s sherbet lemon brightness and the keen dry greenery of Ekuanot, but it’s the way that the Nelson Sauvin works across the buttery malt heart of this beer that makes it something a little bit special.

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Unity Brewing Co. Land Of Sunshine (5.8%)

Lip puckeringly, tongue twizzlingly dry, this dry hopped Apricot Saison is something rather special.
The apricot purée is fleshy and fruity, has that fuzzy skin feel that only apricots (to me at least) possess, and adds a delightful fresh aroma.
Under this the Saison yeast and subtle malting combine to bring a soft and warm bread dough and pancake, honey and walnut body that’s flecked with an earthy spice note, and the Cryo-Azacca hops are sharp and keen, all greengages and hazel leaves, garden herbs and lime zest.
And then, just as the beer started, once you’ve worked your way through this goodness, you end back at that super dryness that forces you to take another gulp.

Source: Unity Brewing Co.

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Wylam NLM (8.7%)

Another collaboration, this time it’s Wylam with Track and North making a super DIPA.
This is a thick and rich, round and creamy beer.
A beer with a honeycomb and brioche malt body and a big splash of clear and crisp gin booziness.
The hops provide woody tobacco, hedgerow leaf litter, hazel, peaches, lime zest and lemon rind.
It’s a fresh and fruity hit that’s warmed by a lightly spiced stone fruit ‘earthiness from the yeast.
And then in the finish the beer goes all soft and fleshy, with apricots jumping out and kissing you on the lips.
This is how good beer feels.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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71 Brewing Co. 5 Way IPA (6.8%)

Brewed in collaboration with Fierce, Fyne, Overtone and Vault City, this IPA uses a hop picked by each, and it’s all the better for it.
Citra, Ekuanot, Mosaic, Azacca and Lemon Drop make for a big fizzy sherbet bonbon delight of a beer.
It’s fresh and zingy, bright, bold and colourful, pouring a pale gold with an aroma that’s sharp and lemony.
There’s a light and subtle caramel and waffle, honey doughnut malt body underpinning all the glowing hoppy fun, giving just enough body and just enough sweetness to offset the pithy and zingy hop hit.
As for the finish, it’s long and crisp and dry as a bone.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Pressure Drop Brewing Co. Slumber (10%)

Brewed with coffee from Square Mile Roasters and a heap of milk sugar, this is a great big dessert of a beer.
It pours impenetrably dark with a fluffy cappuccino head and smells of coffee and plum compote.
There’s a thick and gloopy damson jam, brown bread, pecan pie, waffle and tamarind malt heart to this beer.
It’s hefty and satisfying, sticking to your gums and making you wish you had a spoon as the sweet vanilla of the lactose gives everything an ice cream coating.
There are hops here too, a swish of crunchy red leaves and maple syrup adding a crunchiness to the edges of the beer while the coffee comes on round and woody, all cherry stones and treacle tart.
Slumber is a beer to settle into, to take your time over, a beer to enjoy yourself with until eventually when the caffeine wears off, you fall asleep.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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