Thornbridge Brewery Shelby (5%)

The official beer of the “Peaky Blinders” television series, Shelby is a decent little IPA.
Though more Pale Ale than India Pale Ale, it is reportedly brewed to reflect the beers of the inter-war period that the TV show is set.
There’s a solid malt body of Weetabix and brown bread, honey and caramel, plus a little background saltiness from the yeast.
The hopping brings a lick of lemon zest and some hedgerow greenery which adds a snap of colour to the clean crisp finish.
A beer brewed for Peaky Blinders fans rather than beer fans, this is still worth watching out for when it hits the shelves.

Source: Thornbridge Brewery

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S43 Brewery Pretzels On My Mind (10%)

This, boys and girls, is a superb Imperial Stout.
It’s a thick and creamy, smooth as a baby’s bum, vanilla ice cream of a Stout.
It’s a Stout with lashings of melted milk chocolate, rum and raisin, brown bread and toasted bagels.
A Stout that also boasts a sexy little snatch of green herbal foliage that gives it a bright and keen edge in the finish.
It’s a Stout that’s big and boozy, brandy snaps and treacle tart drenched in Cognac.
And all of that is very good indeed.
But this is a Stout that has been brewed with salted pretzels and they slowly build as you drink, bringing with them, at first a light saltiness, but later on that almost burned pasty flavour that only pretzels have.
This, boys and girls, is a superb Imperial Stout.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Sussex Small Batch Brewery Reece’s Stout (5.5%)

Fancy a Peanut Butter Cup?
Reece’s Stout is a beery approximation of just that.
Brewed with Goldings and Fuggles hops that bring some spiky greenery and a delicate hint of aniseed to the edges of this beer, the main attraction here is the rich round malts that build a body full of chocolate and damsons, brown bread and honey.
But it’s the addition of Cacao nibs, peanut flavouring, vanilla and salt, all mixed up with sweet smooth lactose that turns this beer into a rich and chewy, and rather fun take on a famous American chocolate sensation.
Definitely worth a try.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Fierce Beer Bear Essentials (13%)

Created in collaboration with Tiny Rebel this is a great big Barley Wine, aged on oak chips and brewed with raspberries and vanilla.
There’s lactose in here as well, and it adds a super creamy smoothness and icing sugar sweetness that turns this boisterous beer into a boozy pudding of a drink.
The raspberries are fresh and fruity, fleshy and juicy, and they give a little tang of acidic bitterness while the malt heart of the beer provides honey drenched pancakes and brown sugar glazed waffles.
There’s an unsurprising alcohol hit, chest warming and brandy rich, it helps this beer, with its Raspberry ice cream aroma feel like the grown up version of a kids’ party treat.
Lovely stuff.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Salt Beer Factory Ikat (8%)

With Ikat, Salt have created a rather marvellous Double Dry Hopped Double IPA.
A beer that’s round and chewy, as smooth as silk, creamy and fruity.
The malting is brown sugar rich, with bagels and wholemeal bread building a lovely backbone on which the hops can rest.
And they do rest.
They don’t jump out and attack, rather they provide a sexy soft companion, all passion fruit and bruised apples, lime leaves and lots and lots of honeydew melon fleshiness.
And all the while there’s a white rum booziness swishing around underneath, just to make sure that by the time you’ve finished, you’re well and truly finished.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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