Twisted Barrel Ale Wrapped In Simcoe (6%)

Thick and round and juicy, this is a top IPA from our friends at a Twisted Barrel.
The beer pours a rich peachy gold and sits in my glass with its big frothy head fizzing with life.
The aroma is honey and apricots, inviting and fresh, it pulls you down into the drink where you find a sharp hit of tobacco and celery, lemon zest, oranges, piney resin and soft peach fuzz from the Simcoe, while the malting provides a smooth creamy toffee and pancake, sugar syrup and doughnut body.
The yeast floats around in the background adding a lightly spiced earthy richness to the long sweet sherbet of the finish.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Abbeydale Brewery Baltic Up North (7%)

This Baltic Porter is a collaboration with Hammerton and finds a vanilla smoothness from the addition of Lactose that makes the whole beer feel round and rich and creamy.
Then there’s the mouth coating chocolate, rum and raisin sweetness and a big hit of black coffee.
The hops bring an autumnal red leaf litter crunchiness and a teaspoon of orange marmalade that adds a sticky, lightly spiced fruitiness to the finish.
Very good indeed.

Source: Abbeydale Brewery

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Neon Raptor Turbo Elephant (6.2%)

After my last few cans of Neon Raptor beer had been, to be blunt, a bit dodgy, it’s good to open a can that does exactly what I want it to.
This is a NEIPA that pours cloudy, smells like a fruit salad and tastes much the same.
There’s nothing mind blowing here, just honest to goodness well brewed beer that delivers everything you want in this style.
The yeast brings a background hum of peaches and apricots, lightly spiced and a little bit earthy, while there’s a big sweet chewy malt body full of creamy caramel wafers and honey glazed pancakes.
The hops are heavy with orange marmalade, lemon bonbons and fleshy papaya that bring a round fresh fruity sweetness to the otherwise sharp finish.
Good stuff.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Cloudwater Brew Co. Fireflies At Gage Hill Homestead (11%)

Imagine a pint of sugar syrup with a hit of white rum booze.
That’s this.
No depth, no dimension, just sweetness.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Pomona Island Brew Co. Ken Lee (5.6%)

Ken Lee is a Double Dry Hopped Pale Ale with Citra and Simcoe and presented in a rather groovy label designed by Art By Volume.
The can looks great and the beer pours a lovely peachy gold with a little fluffy head and a smell not unlike opening a bag of Opal Fruits.
Sorry, Starburst.
There’s a super light caramel, honey and Rich Tea biscuit body, soft and sweet, warm and comforting it creates a subtle base over which the hops sparkle with lemon sherbet, lime zest and pithy green foliage, and woody tobacco and crunchy leaf litter.
It’s a decent beer and it’s made me fancy putting a record on.
But which one?

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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