Beak Brewery Horses (6%)

The label on the can says West Coast and so I was not expecting the deliciously sweet and warm treacle and pumpernickel hit that I found as I took my first swig.
Horses may be based around a West Coast IPA, but the addition of Rye to the malt bill takes it into a completely different realm, the realm of the Rye Beer, one of my very favourite things in all the world.
Yes, this beer gives you pancakes dripping in honey and caramel coated wafers, along with lots of lemon sherbet, orange marmalade and pine resin, all those things you expect to find in a West Coast IPA, but here everything is underpinned by the meaty and spicy earthiness of the Rye.
It says hello right at the beginning and it is still hanging around in the long bitter finish.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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A Brace Of Beauities From Ashover Brewery

Zoo (5.5%) is a Pale brewed with Mosaic and Citra, and it’s a well made beer, and definitely and interesting introduction to this brewery.
There’s a solid Rich Tea biscuit, pancake, honey and caramel malt, and even a little hint of something salty and earthy from the yeast, while the hopping provides lemon and lime, freshly picked herbal leaves, a spoon of orange marmalade and even a hint of woody rolling tobacco as I head towards the bitter and dry finish.



Moscow (9%) is Ashover’s Imperial Russian Stout and it does everything you might want it to.
The aroma and the body is full of rum and raisin chocolate, treacle tart, thick honey and Baclava.
It’s a thick and rich, satisfying malting that makes the beer feel big and chewy.
There’s a hit of green sapling wood, hazel leaf litter and maple syrup from the hops, along with some orange marmalade that brings a delightfully sticky and sharp edge to the beer as you head towards the liquorice root and deep brandy hit of the finish.
Very good.

Source: The Offie

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Wylam Brewery Intercitra Overdrive (8.3%)

This “All Citra DIPA” is really, really good.
Wylam have balanced the Citra so well against the malting that, if not told it was all Citra, you might guess that other hops are involved.
Because the danger with Citra is that it can get overly acidic, razor blade thin and, to my taste at least, rather one dimensional.
But here Wylam have managed to find all sots of other things going on.
There’s a great big wash of Gala melon for a start, and then lemon bonbons, some lime zest and lots of pithy green leaves.
The malting brings a brown sugar syrup sweetness, bread crusts and honey on crumpets to bulk out the beer and give it a firm body, while the alcohol hides dangerously well, only cropping up as a little warmth in the finish.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Signature Brew Co. Luftballon (5.5%)

Luftballon is a rather fine Festbier, a dry and golden Lagered beer with a crisp finish.
The beer sits a bright gold in my glass and smells of honey and bread dough, and taking a swig I found lots of toffee and croissants, honey, waffles and pancakes from the malting.
There’s a little hit of salty earthy yeast in the background that adds a nice warmth to the body of the beer, and then the snap of green herbal hedgerow, pithy lemon rind and a splash of peach juice before the aforementioned dry crisp finish.
Good stuff.

Source: Signature Brew Co.

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Dig Brew Co. Waka/Jawaka (8%)

I’m pretty certain that I know the chaps at Dig Brew, probably through Cotteridge Wines, though I can’t be absolutely sure.
Know them or not, this DIPA is damned good.
It’s thick and chewy, full of honey smothered pancakes, waffles and toffee from its malts, and lots and lots of hoppy sexiness.
Lemon bonbons and orange marmalade, lime curd, garden herbs and hazel leaves all slap you about with fresh green pithy goodness.
This is a beer that tries to be big and dry and bitter, only to be held in check by a round gloopy heart that leaves the finish at once bitter, sweet, and steeped in a boozy brandy warmth.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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