Utopian Brewery: Two Pints Of Lager…

Premium British Lager (4.7%)
This is one hell of a good Lager.
Certainly the best Lager I’ve had in a long time.
It’s smooth and creamy, yet crisp and clear, pouring a pale straw gold with a foamy little head, the smell is strawberries and apricots.
The malting provides a sticky caramel sweetness, brioche and shortcake, and there’s a snap of saltiness from the yeast.
Over this the hops, all British varieties though the label doesn’t tell me which, bring you pithy hedgerow greenery, chopped herbs, nettle tea and a subtle hint of liquorice root.
And then, in the finish you find a stab of lemon sherbet that adds a brightness to the long dry finish.
Super stuff.

Rainbock (7%)
I thought that the Premium Lager was good, but this is stunning.
A Maibock brewed with all British ingredients, Rainbock takes Utopian’s British Lager and amps it up, giving the aroma some extra meadow flowers to go with the apricots, while the beer looks thicker and slicker as it pours into my glass.
This time the malting starts with honey waffles and some brown sugar syrup, giving a thick and sticky sweetness, while the yeast brings a great big smack of freshly baked bread alongside their saltiness.
The hopping is still packed with greenery, all woodland walks and garden herbs, but the warmth of the booze makes them and everything else feel rounder and more satisfying, while in the finish the beer’s crispness is underpinned by a chest warming white rum heat.
This is an absolute delight.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Drop Project Yard Sale (8%)

Drop Project is either the Nom De Guerre of Missing Link Brewing or contract brewed by them and this, their DIPA, is really rather good.
It’s a creamy, soupy beer, with a tropical fruit and Weetabix aroma and a big frothy head.
The malting is thick and smooth, all shortcake and vanilla ice cream, caramle sauce and ice cream cornets, creating a light and sweet body over which the hops provide freshly cut herbal greenery, apricot and peach flesh, and lashings of homemade lemonade.
In the finish the booze pops up with a round warmth that adds an extra depth to the drink.
On the evidence of this little can of joy I’m looking forward to finding out more.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Staggeringly Good Brewery Little Arms Big Hugs (5.5%)

I may have mentioned it before, but I find this brewery’s name difficult.
Its self assurance is, in my humble opinion, just asking to be slapped down.
But I can’t do anything but praise this particular beer as it does everything I’d want from its style.
Little Arms Big Hugs is a NEIPA with a soft and creamy vanilla ice cream, candy floss, cornet wafer, honey and brioche malt body, a lightly spiced fruit yeast hit and lots of freshly picked herbal leaves, lemon zest and peaches from the hops.
It’s big and round, zingy and fresh, and I like it a lot.
I just can’t get my head around the name.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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People Like Us Brewery Tea Party (6.5%)

I really like this but for one flaw.
Tea Party is supposed to be a Cream Ale brewed with Green Tea, and there’s Green Tea in abundance, but there’s so much so that any creaminess in the body is difficult to find.
Sure there’s some caramel wafers, waffles and honey, but there isn’t any of the thick, smooth vanilla creaminess that I was expecting.
Instead this beer comes on more like a really decent IPA, all pithy herbal leaves, lemon zest and grapefruit peel, while the Tea brings a massive spicy, leafy and very dry finish.
I really do like this very much, just don’t expect what it says on the can.


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Donzoko Brewing Co. Rock Bottom (8%)

Brewed with a forest full of cherries, this is one hell of a good Doppelbock.
There’s a thick treacley malt bill, smooth and creamy, with lots of honeycomb and chocolate, brown bread crusts and toffee, while the hops add a hit of prickly nettle tea and mown lawns, apricots and lemon zest.
And all the while the cherries are doing their thing all over your face.
They’re big and meaty, a fleshy feast of dark fruity fun, and they’re pushed along by the weight of the booze that leads you to a joyfully rich and bitter sweet finish.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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