Westerham Brewery Careful With That Axe Eugene (5.2%)

I like this Red Rye Bourbon Ale quite a lot, but then I’m still a sucker for a Rye beer.
Pouring a Ruby red with a fluffy head, the aroma is toffee, coconut and whisky, it’s a warm and inviting smell that draws you in.
This is a beer heavy with malting, rich and thick and gloopy, you’ll find treacle tart and honey on toast, brown sugar and doughnuts, along with an earthy, almost meaty, pumpernickel from the rye.
The hopping is sharp and zesty, with lemon skins and hedgerow leaves, while the addition of natural whisky flavouring and Madagascan vanilla brings a creamy warmth to the beer’s finish.

Source: Westerham Brewery

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Signature Brew Co, Nocturne (6.66%)

I’ve not had a Black IPA in ages, and to be honest I’d forgotten how good they can be.
Nocturne uses hops from Yakima Chief to create a beer that is dark and luxurious, with a thick treacle tart, bitter chocolate, coffee, prune juice and honey coated biscuit malt body, coupled with a hit of hops that brings lots and lots of orange peel, Parma Violet sweeties, lemon zest and lime curd.
There are acres of nettle filled fields to wander through while chewing a stick of liquorice root, the boozy hit of white rum warming you to your boots while you explore green herbal undergrowth.
But what stands out more than anything, and it is a really rather delightful thing, is the flavour of orange and mandarin skins.
It’s a bright, citrus oil flavour and it makes this beer sing.
Lovely stuff.

Source: Signature Brew Co.

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Turning Point Brew Co. Gravedigger Biscuits (9%)

This, dear friends, is billed as an Espresso Martini Stout.
Having never tried Martini I can’t vouch for the description, but what I can tell you is that this is a superbly fun and boozy chocolate, coffee and vanilla delight.
Pouring an inky black with a thick cappuccino head, the aroma is rum and raisin chocolate, and taking a swig you find that the body of the beer starts in the same place.
Deep, rich, dark chocolate wrapped coffee beans, smooth vanilla ice cream, treacle tart and rum soaked plums create a body you just want to sink into, while the hops provide a little snap of herbal greenery just to brighten the corners.
As you work your way down the glass you find that the coffee, provided by the Cloud Gate Coffee Company, begins to grow, bringing red berries and a little rolling tobacco, damp redwood and just a hint of green tea, all of which is amplified by the building warmth of the Jamaican rum booze.
Super good, whatever Martini tastes like.

Source: Turning Point Brew Co.

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Saint Mars Of The Desert Bam Boom (5.4%)

Bam Boom is an Amber IPA that uses the brewery’s “Koelship” method of brewing.
I’m supposing that this is a play on the term Koelschip the method of spreading wort over a wide area in order to allow wild yeast to better interact while the liquid cools.
Whatever the reason, and whatever the methodology, this makes for a beer that has some of the characteristics of a NEIPA, but feels more subtle, its earthy peach and apricot flavours sitting right beside soft melon flesh and just the prickle of lemon zest.
The malting is round and chewy, with lots of biscuits and toffee, honey and lightly overdone pancakes creating a body that hints at a Rye Beer, while the aroma is thick with stone fruits and caramel.
Saint Mars continue to do their own thing as they did when they were Pretty Things, and long may they continue, as their own thing continues to be something rather special.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Westerham Brewery Hop Rocket (4.5%)

I’m really impressed by this little Session IPA.
It’s crammed with flavour and has a big solid body to boot.
Pouring a bright amber the aroma is lemon curd and pine needles, and taking a swig you are initially met by the big round malt body.
Biscuits and bread crusts, honey, caramel and toffee drizzled doughnuts make for a smooth chewy brown sugar rich backbone.
The hopping – and we are not told which hops are used, only that they are citrusy and piney – bring, um, citrus and pine, some freshly chopped garden herbs and a slap of nettle stings to the long dry finish.

Source: Westerham Brewery

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