Signature Brew Co. Summer In The City (4.8%)

The can of this strawberry, raspberry and watermelon sour popped open with a strong waft of strawberry jam, a very pleasing thing indeed.
The fruits are all over this lovely little tart beer.
Strawberries bring their soft sweetness, the raspberries provide a sharp prickle and the watermelon lurks in the background making everything feel refreshing.
Meanwhile the malt body, all soft biscuits and runny honey, gives the beer a firm backbone, the yeast adds some earthy notes and the hopping is crisp and fresh.
All in all this is a super summer beer.

Source: Signature Brew Co.

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Pop’n’Hops Longshore Drift (6.3%)

Brewed for Trev’s Pop’n’Hops shop by Wilderness Brewery to celebrate his shop’s fifth birthday, this is a super Flanders style Red.
The beer pours with a delightfully fluffy head and that Flanders treacle and sweet vinegar aroma.
The body of the beer is thick and chewy with digestive biscuits, toffee, doughnuts, black cherries and prunes.
There’s some red and crunchy autumnal leaf litter, nettle tea and blackberry leaves from the hops before the beer finishes with a pithy, dry and earthy yeast finish.
Happy birthday Pop’n’Hoos and Iechyd Da.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Poppyland Brewery Scarecrow (6.1%)

I love Poppyland Brewery very much and so my reviews may seem a little bit biased, but genuinely this little brewery, based in the heart of Cromer, makes some delightful beer.
Take this one for example.
Scarecrow is a Saison brewed with locally foraged crabapples and it is as dry and zingy, fruity and fun as you could possibly hope for.
There’s a light Weetabix, brown bread, honey and salted caramel malt body, a sharp smack of pithy herbal greenery from the hops, the delicious tang of farmyard silage spiciness from the yeast, while the crabapples bring a superbly dry and lip smackingly bitter fruitiness to the beer’s finish.

Source: Poppyland Brewery

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Brewchap Liberator (7%)

And so my Guru of home brewing that is Brewchap grabs his old mate Andrew of Revolutions Brewing and whips up a Doppelbock.
And not just any old Doppelbock neither.
This here beer is big and round and chewy, just as a Doppelbock should be.
Honey and rum and raisin chocolate, digestive biscuits and Toffifee make up the malt body, with a lightly spicy hedgerow hop hit cutting through all this gloop, providing a bright sharp aside, while the booze builds leaving you with a very moresome brandy snap finish.

Source: Brewchap Brewing Concern

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The Brewery Of St. Mars Of The Desert St. Botolph’s Quadruple Noir (9%)

Thick with rum and raisin chocolate, brandy and plum jam, this is a very good take on the Quadruple style.
The beer is thick and chewy, round and warm, the hopping providing damp yet crunchy red autumnal leaf litter, some orange marmalade and bruised red apple cores, while the malting brings sweet silage and hay-bales, candy canes, foam banana sweeties and burned Belgian waffles.
This is a big boozy beer full of good things that you need to take your time over.
And so that is exactly what I am going to do.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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