Villages Brewery Smooth Big Cat (8%)

Brewed in collaboration with Drop Project, this is a superb DIPA.
It slinks thick and creamy from its can, it’s frothy head popping and fizzing, and it smells of pineapple chunks and apricots.
There’s a superb brown sugar syrup, bagel, waffle, caramel and honey malt body.
It’s sweet and smooth and it creates a solid malt body.
The London Ale III yeast brings peach and apricot stones sprinkled with earthy spices, and the hops – Talus, Simcoe and Mosaic – pushed along by a superb dry gin boozy heat, slap you with garden herbs, lemon sherbet, orange zest, lime leaves, papaya and chives, that lead you to the most joyously boozy, crisp and bitter finish.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Abbeydale Brewery Duck Baffler (4.1%)

I guess Dr Morton’s Essential Aids is going to be a range of well dressed, well made, tongue in cheek beers.
I could just ask the gang at the brewery, but right now I’m far too happy sitting here, enjoying the beer and wondering to go around looking for facts.
Duck Baffler is a very pale Pale Ale, with a caramel and biscuit backbone, some honey stickiness and a hit of lemon curd and Custard Creams in the aroma.
The Citra hops provide lemon sherbet and fresh green things, like herbal leaves and nettles, green grass and damp woodland.
And with its softly bitter finish, I’d be happy for Doctor Morton to prescribe me more of his tinctures.

Source: Abbeydale Brewery

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UnBarred Brewing Co. Honeycomb Milkshake (6%)

Not too long ago I was talking to a beer person I know and they told me in no uncertain terms that Pale beer should not have Lactose in it.
That it just isn’t right.
I let them have their say and I went home and thought to myself what an old fashioned, conservative and prescribed way of thinking they had, and how that was exactly the opposite of what CAMRGB is all about.
And then I drink this beer and I know just how wrong they are and what they are missing out on.
You see this beer has been brewed with locally sourced (Brighton) honey, vanilla and lactose, and it’s an absolute triumph.
Imagine a deliciously rich and sexy vanilla ice cream cone with a drizzle of rich runny honey over it and you’re somewhere close.
The malting is sweet and sticky, with caramel and wafers, waffles and toffee, while the honey brings a lip smacking gooeyness.
Cascade and El Dorado hops provide a smack of sharp greenery and a hint of something pithy and woody, while the lactose smooths everything out, makes everything feel as though it’s in soft focus and is enriched by the vanilla that leaves you feeling like you’ve been stroked into happy submission by some sexy beer god/dess.
It is up to the brewer to make and dispense their beer how they choose.
If you don’t like it then that is OK, but you don’t have the right to say that anything is wrong or shouldn’t be done.

Source: UnBarred Brewery

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UnBarred Brewery NEIPA #01.21 (7%)

Sometimes I am reminded just how lucky I am to be sent things to drink and to write about.
And sometimes the things I’m sent blow me away.
This NEIPA is one of them.
It was put in a box and sent to me the day on the afternoon that it was canned, and I’m pretty sure that you can’t get much fresher than that.
And it’s an absolute joy to drink.
Pouring a cloudy gold with a fuzzy foaming head, the smell is apricot jam and pineapple chunks wrapped in freshly picked leaves.
This iteration of UnBarred’s NEIPA the first of 2021, has been brewed with Amarillo, Azacca and El-Dorado hops, and they absolutely sing.
Lashings of melon and lemon zest, pineapple, orange marmalade and deliciously fresh herbal greenery slap you about the head and neck while a sticky caramel, honey and brioche malt body gives the beer a roundness that, pushed along by a clear gin booziness and the fug of earthy peach stones from the yeast make for a super satisfying beer with a soft bitter finish.
This is a super beer that I’ve been lucky enough to drink as fresh as a daisy.

Source: UnBarred Brewery

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Abbeydale Brewery Huckster Cryo (6%)

Brewed in collaboration with Peddler, Huckster Cryo is a superb NEIPA, crisp and dry and sharp.
It pours a very pale straw colour and smells of pineapple chunks and apricots, and I also found a rich Weetabix aroma, but only after I accidentally snorted a headful.
The malting is very light, with spicy cinnamon toast and Rich Tea biscuits creating a subtly sweet base.
The Hops, and there are a lot of them – Ekuanot, Eureka, Sorachi Ace, Galaxy, Vic Secret, Citra and Ekuanot Cryo – combine to give you a stingingly sharp and brittle nettle sting and herbal leaf greenness, edged with lemon zest and melon juice, kiwi and passion fruit.
It’s a big bright and cuttingly bitter hop hit, and it combines with a gin clear alcohol heat that warms the fug of orange and peach yeast in the finish.

Source: Abbeydale Brewery


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