Wild Horse Brewing Co. Divebomb (5.8%)

Light and Pale, with a soft creamy body, Wild Horse’s Wheat Pale Ale is really rather good.
There’s a peach and cereal aroma, brown sugar and a hint of vanilla to draw you in, followed by a delightfully soft and creamy, smooth and sweet malt body that packs oat cakes and honey, freshly fried buttery pancakes and a hint of something woody and nutty.
Then there’s the big smack of hops – Lemon Drop, Wakatu, Loral and Azacca – that brings spicy, pithy sapling wood, Hazel leaves, lemon sherbet and apricot jam to the party, leaving you with a decidedly long dry finish.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Fierce Beer Co. Orange Fuzz (5%)

Brewed with orange peel and orange purée, there’s no escaping the orangeyness of this little can of NEIPA.
From its fruity smelling aroma to its super dry pithy finish, the oranges are all over this.
Im happy to tell you that that isn’t all there is to this beer.
You’ll also find a round and warm toffee and shortcake malting, a sprinkle of salt and some sticky brown sugar syrup.
The hops are sharp and fresh, with garden herbs and hazel leaves, while the yeast brings its own ripe fruitiness to the party.
The orange adds a soft juiciness to the body of the beer as well as that extra dry zesty finish that I’ve already mentioned.
Very nice.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Northern Monk’s Northern Powerhouse 2019

I know I’m a little late to the party, but these are still worth talking about, and tracking down if there are any still out in the wild.
So, Northern Monk’s Northern Powerhouse Collaboration 2019 looks and tastes like this:

001 Track Brewing Small IPA (3.3%)
This is a fine place to start with the selection, a low alcohol IPA that manages to maintain a solid creamy body with honey and Rich Tea biscuits forming a sweet base.
And though the hopping is good it’s this robust malt body that raises this above so many other Session IPA’s whose bodies are so flimsy that they collapse away leaving a gaping hole in the centre of the drink.
So to the hops.
Citra, Ahtanum and Blanc bring lots of lemon curd and lime zest, Passion flowers, snappy hedgerow greenery and a slug of orange juice in the finish.
Very Nice.

002 North Brewing Co. Triple Fruit Gose (4%)
I like this so very much that I really really want to just drink it rather than think about it.
Brewed with Prickly Pear, Guava, Raspberries, Milk Sugar and Salt, the balance here is just lovely.
A shortcake and toffee malt body made smooth and creamy by the kiss of wheat provides a superb launchpad for the agave clean freshness of the prickly pear, the zing of the guava and the tart fruitiness of the raspberries, while the milk sugar brings a rich vanilla sweetness to round off the dry saltiness of the finish.

003 Donzoko Bavarian Pilsner (4.7%)
Brewed with a simple bill of German Pilsner and Vienna malts, this beer is fresh and light, crisp, clean and smooth, with caramel and honey, freshly baked bread crusts and sugar glazed pancakes.
Over this the Loral and Hallertau Blanc hops bring the peppery snap of rocket, green herbal hedgerow pithiness, a light splash of lemon zest and a floral aroma as you drink.
This is a very well made Lager indeed.


004 Wylam Brewery Tropical Sour IPA (6%)
The weakest of the selection, this is still a pretty decent Soured IPA.
Kettle soured before having loads of puréed tropical fruit and vanilla added, this is bright and zingy and gently tart.
The problem is that it’s a a little bit one dimensional, with the fruit taking over the beer, pushed along by the kettled tartness, that pretty much kills off much of the malting – save for a hint of sugary biscuit – and leaves the hops with only a light swipe of greenery and lemon sherbet.
And that’s your lot.

005 Buxton Brewery West Coast IPA (7.4%)
Nothing extravagant here, nothing wild and wacky, just a superbly made beer that presses all the right buttons.
Simcoe, Mosaic, Amarillo, Centennial and Chinook hops create a pithy grassy aroma and slap you around the chops with lemongrass and lime leaves, fenugreek, garden herbs, rolling tobacco, apricot and thyme, while the malting is a round chewy pancake and honey, caramel and brioche affair.
It’s sweet and rich and adds a smoothness to the long bitter finish.


006 Cloudwater DDH Double IPA (8.2%)
As good as this is, and this is very good, this may be the least exciting of the Northern a powerhouse set, for no other reason than it is a Double Dry Hopped DIPA, a beer that we all know Cloudwater do so well.
And so it does exactly what you would expect, mixing a big round chewy brown sugar, brioche, honey and waffle malt body with a face full of garden greenery, pithy, steely and dry hops that load your face up with lemon sherbet and gooseberry skins, green grapes, peach flesh and mown lawns.
All of which is pushed along by a chest warming white rum heat.
Very good but unsurprising.

007 By The River Brew Co. Imperial Maple Brown (10%)
Take a well made Brown Ale with all its nutty, woody, treacle tart goodness and inject, not only a heavy hit of rum, but also a ladle full of maple syrup, and you are left with an absolutely brilliant boozy treat.
This is a beer for the autumn, warm and round and chewy, it’s a beer packed with cinder toffee, a lick of chocolate, brown bread, crunchy red autumnal leaves and freshly ground coffee.
There’s also sticky orange marmalade and creamy lemon curd before the finish comes on all dark and drunken, prunes and treacle tart heavy with brandysnaps.
This is a superb beer.

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Polly’s Brew Co. On & On & On (7.2%)

Lactose IPA.
That’s what this is.
An IPA with Lactose.
And it’s a very nice thing, a thing of goodness.
Imagine one of Polly’s super IPA’s, all snappy sapwood, lemon zest and orange marmalade, Ricky toffee buns, fried waffles and freshly made doughnuts sprinkled with salt and sugar.
Imagine it.
Got it?
Now imagine that underpinned by a smooth vanilla creaminess, a soft ice cream and merengue sticky crunchy sweetness.
That’s this beer.
It’s good and it goes on and on and on, it keeps on rocking baby, ‘til the night is gone.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Jameson CaskMates Irish Whiskey (40%)

Over the last five or ten years we’ve had, to differing degrees of goodness, beer aged in whiskey barrels, most of it Stouts, but occasionally lighter beer, and on the whole they’ve worked well.
Whether it’s been a big Imperial Stout aged in hefty wooden barrels that have added deep dark damp boozy Brandy notes or big bad Imperial IPA’s that have been given an extra hit of sexiness by letting them rest in Scotch casks.
But now we move into a new world where Whiskey is being laid to rest in beer barrels.
And the thing is, it doesn’t really work.
Modern beer, for all its hop heavy, malt rich loveliness, is still a beautifully subtle drink, a beverage that once enjoyed can be rinsed away with a mouthful of water.
And so one can enhance a beer with hints of Whiskey, but it would seem, at least from this example, that one can’t enhance a Whiskey with hints of beer.
I don’t want you to misunderstand me, this is a very good, very drinkable warm and round, creamy and smooth, vanilla tinged, lightly woody Irish Whiskey, but if I hadn’t been told that it was finished in barrels from Fourpure’s Shapeshifter IPA I’d never have guessed, and I, though I say so myself, have a pretty decent palate for this kind of thing.
And so what you have here is a very good Irish Whiskey with hints of earthy peat, orange marmalade stickiness and a deep chest warming hit of crisp dry booze.
There ma be the faintest hint of something zesty and lemony, but equally it might just be that the bottle has told me to look out for it.
This is a very nice drink but I’m not sure that it has anything to do with Craft Beer.

Source: Jameson

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