North Brewing Co. Doppelbock (7%)

This collaboration with Thornbridge is a fine example of a Doppelbock, pouring a deep mahogany brown with a foaming cappuccino head, the aroma is brown bread dough and black cherries.
Like a good Doppelbock, this is a beer all about its malts, the hops bringing a light aside of crunchy autumnal leaves and nettle tea.
So, let’s get into this malty beast.
You’ll find black coffee and treacle tart, honey on buttery burned toast, a hint of salty Marmite and acres of deep dark chocolate.
It’s a beer to wallow into, a beer to savour and enjoy, and that’s just what I’m going to do with it.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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A Pack Of Three From Pentrich

Downfall Architect (6.8%)
This is my first experience of Pentrich’s beer, and all I can say is that I’m ready for more.
Downfall Architect is big fruity IPA that pours a lovely peachy gold apricot jam and garden flowers.
There’s a soft and chewy caramel wafer, honey and white bread crust malt body before the Mosaic – for this is a single hopped IPA – do what they do best.
Big washes of zingy satsuma peel and sharp lemon zest, orange juice, pithy herbal leaves and some sweet mango flesh.
All this goodness makes for a very enjoyable beer with a long bitter and superbly dry finish.

Different Station (5.6%)
This, my second beer from this brewery, is a Pale Ale brewed with Falconers Flight and Mosaic hops, and it’s very nice indeed.
Lots of fresh fruit salad flavours, oranges and peaches, apricots, strawberries and a hint of watermelon from the hops, while the malting is a subtle soft caramel brioche and bread dough.
And with an aroma that’s packed with summer flowers and a finish that’s gently bitter, I’d happily spend an evening session with this beer.


Daydreaming (8%)
Pentrich’s Double (or Imperial, as they call it) IPA is brewed with Citra and Mosaic (they seem to have a thing for Mosaic), and it pushes all the right buttons.
A great big watermelon and strawberry aroma drifts up from your glass as the beer sits all cloudy and sexy, just waiting to be tasted.
The malting is round and chewy, toffee and doughnuts, those pink wafer biscuits you liked as a child (and secretly still do), runny honey and shortbread is bolstered by a great big crystal clear hot gin booziness that even hints at Juniper as it warms your chest and amplifies the lemon curd and orange zest, flying saucers, lime leaves and garden herbs of the hoppy hit that makes for a great big beer with a sharp bitter and delightfully dry finish.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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BrewChap Brewing Concern The Revolution Is Just A T-Shirt Away (8.5%)

Until very recently I’d not even heard of a Braggot.
A few days ago I had one and didn’t like it at all.
It was far too sugary sweet.
But this one, brewed by the Beery Wizard that is Ian BrewChap, is something very good indeed.
For those of your who don’t know, a Braggot is a kind of halfway house between a beer and a Mead, brewed with honey and cereal malts it gives you all the boozy sweetness of a hefty Mead with the caramel biscuit, brown bread and Belgian Waffle of a decent beer base.
The addition here of Coriander adds a crunchy spice edge that brings some much needed bitter warmth to what otherwise might get overly sugary.
I couldn’t drink it all the time, but now and again, if made this well, I’d be happy to get my Braggot on.

Source: BrewChap Brewing Concern

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Fabal Beers Lager (4%)

I rather like this little bottle of Lager, brewed with all English ingredients by the gang from Hiver.
It’s a light and crisp beer with a soft, creamy malt body that gives you honey and caramel, a little roasted hazel nuttiness, along with some brown bread crusts, while there’s a prickle of salty spice from the yeast.
Over this the hops bring a hint of rich dark liquorice and a bright splash of green hedgerow, lemon zest and nettle tea, it’s zingy and fresh, and leads you to the beer’s long dry finish.
Yes, I really rather like this.

Source: Hiver Beers

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BrewChap Brewing Concern Bounty Hunter (10.5%)

Ian never ceases to amaze me, making beer in his garage that is more often than not head and shoulders above stuff I’m paying good money for.
Bounty Hunter is a Coconut Imperial Stout and it tastes exactly as its title describes.
This is a boozy liquid Bounty bar, all warm and woody toasted coconut, lashings of smooth milk chocolate with a creamy vanilla background hum and a smack of white rum that most “proper” breweries would die for.
In a word, “Wow”.

Source: BrewChap Brewing Concern

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