Fallen Acorn Brewing Co. Double Tide (5%)

Proving just how good a well made Lagered beer can be, this is, in a word, super.
It’s soft and creamy, luxurious on your tongue, as its aroma wafts gentle honey and bread dough up your nose.
The yeast brings peaches and apricots, and a little earthy spice, while the hops are a snappy slap of hazel leaves, nettle tea, lemon zest and melon flesh.
All this makes for a smooth and silky, yet crisp and prickly finish that’ll have you reaching for another gulp and, like me, wishing that you had more than one can.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Wilderness Brewing Co. Bière Ordinaire (3.9%)

A hopped Bitter billed as a Bitter on holiday, this is a lovely soft little beer with a creamy body, lashings of toffee and honey, biscuits and bread.
The mixed yeast – English and Belgian – bring a spicy floral aroma and an earthy, farmyard and apple core backbone.
Over this the hops are spiky and fresh, green herbal leaves, lemon rind and orange marmalade.
And all this goodness after I accidentally froze my can, hence the rather impressive “creamy” head in the photograph.
Lovely stuff.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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The Brewery Of St. Mars Of The Desert: The Battle Of Frogs & Mice

Mice (6.3%) is a Flanders Golden Bitter, a beer heavy with caramel and honey, waffles and bread crusts.
It’s a beer with a warm boozy body, lots of spicy, earthy sweet farmyard silage and a smell that’s all garden flowers and honeycomb.
The hopping is slightly autumnal, with crunchy leaf litter and red apple skins, as well as lots of hedgerow foliage and pithy mown lawns.
But it’s the yeast that keeps coming back, bringing waves of piquant spice, truffles and apricot skins to the sharp bitter finish.



Frogs (8%) is a Special Brune brewed with a Belgian yeast and full of toffee and treacle tart.
It’s a big round beer, a comforting hug of a beer, truth be told.
Sticky and rich, Frogs is packed with buttery toast, lashings of honey, walnuts and brioche.
The Belgian yeast does all the things you would want it to, with a waft of farmyards, damp woodlands and freshly picked mushrooms.
Meaty and chewy, the big heart of the beer is brightened by the sharp hit of garden herbs, nettle tea and creamy lemon curd.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Utopian Brewing Co. Vienna Keller Lager (4.8%)

As soon as I started pouring this I knew I was in for a treat.
You see, this beer just looked exactly right as it hit my glass, with its thick frothy head and lovely dark amber colour.
The aroma is bread crusts and spicy honey, and taking a swig you are met by the creamiest, stickiest toffee malt, biscuits and walnuts and lots more honey.
The hops are sharp and keen, green herbal foliage and the tiniest hint of aniseed underneath a slap of lemon zest that shines before you return to the long, malty warmth of the finish.

Source: Pop’nHops

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Bereta Brewing Co. Tastes Like Metal (8%)

It’s a Double dry hopped Double IPA brewed with Mosaic, Chinook and Vic Secret.
Brewed by Bereta of Romania, the beer pours a thick and creamy peach colour and smells of pineapple and vanilla ice cream.
There’s a super chewy caramel waffle malt, a little salty, earthiness from the yeast, and a terrific boozy white rum warmth.
But what makes this beer so good is how the hops bring Gala melon, honeydew melon, freshly picked herbal leaves and orange marmalade that leaves the finish warm and sticky and really sexy.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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