Signature Brew Co. Crowdsurfer (8%)

Crowdsurfer is a West Coast DIPA, and I for one thank it for being that.
It’s so refreshing to have a great big sexy Double IPA that isn’t laden with dirty cloudy yeast, that same old same old NEIPA thing going on.
Instead this is an IPA that is crisp and clean, its hops sharp and stinging with nettle hedgerow greenery, the fizz of sherbet and the tang of lemons and grapefruit alongside a dry pithy orange rind bite.
The malting is warm caramel toffee, runny honey and crumbly golden oat biscuits, while I’m the finish there’s a white rum boozy kick that amplifies just how fresh and lovely this beer is.

Source: Signature Brew Co.

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Beak Brewery Gatto (10%)

So this is an Imperial Triple Fruited Sour Cherry Stout.And I have to tell you that that collection of words really put me off.It read like a Craft Beer Geek’s wet dream.And so I left it in my fridge for a little while because I didn’t want to risk it.
But I have to tell you that this is a decent Imperial Stout.
OK, the aroma is a rather unpleasant acrid fruity petroleum smell, but there’s a really good treacle tart, toffee and coffee malt body that’s pushed along by the brandy warmth of the booze, and this is accompanied by the gentle slap of green herbal foliage from the hopping.
In the finish the cherries bring a fresh pulpy bite while the chocolate of the malts continue to build, making this beer feel like you are biting into a cherry liquor Christmas treat.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Wold Top Brewery Ebb & Flow – Crest (7.9%)

Brewed in collaboration with The Spirit Of Yorkshire Distillery, this is a rather fine Lagered beer that has spent 12 months ageing in Filey Whisky barrels.
The result is a crisp and clean beer, with an aroma of delicate garden flowers and whisky laced strawberries, and a malt body that is soft and creamy smooth, with caramel and toasted hazelnuts.
The hops bring sharp nettle stings and lots of fresh hedgerow, while the barrels and the weight of the alcohol impart a warm vanilla and earthy oak, along with the smack of whisky to the finish.

Source: Wold Top Brewery

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Elusive Brewing Microball (3.7%)

I do like a Mild when I’m in the mood, but the style doesn’t often give me many options for descriptive words as they tend to be nothing more than gently malty and easy to drink.
But this one from Elusive has such a lovely blend of dark malts that you find coffee and treacle and even a little peanut brittle making up the soft and smooth body, while Bramling Cross adds a tingle of hedgerow and blackcurrant leaves to the finish.
This is a fabulous Mild.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Wild Beer Co. Iechyd Da! (5%)

This collaboration with Polly’s is a mixed fermentation Pale Ale.
The soft creamy malt body is smooth and satisfying, with caramel and vanilla ice cream, sugared doughnuts and rich runny honey, while the hopping is sharp and fresh with lashings of grapefruit and lemon zest, zingy herbal leaves and a little pine resin.
All of this is underpinned by a warm earthy spiciness from the yeast, that brings some subtle farmhouse flavours to the finish of the beer.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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