Pressure Drop Brewing Co. Escape Pod (10%)

Brewed in collaboration with Left Handed Giant, Escape Pod is a Chocolate, Coconut, Vanilla Stout.
Yes, you read right.
It’s an enormous fun packed fairground ride of a beer.
A beer to make you giddy.
A beer to make your head spin and your tongue twist in the most delightful way.
Escape Pod smells of coconut ice cream and pours an impenetrable black with a little cappuccino head.
There’s a hefty treacle tart, Madeira cake and runny honey malt, round and chewy and satisfyingly sexy, and a a snap of green and pithy fresh herbal hops that add some brightness to the edges.
But it’s the creamy coconut, the dark bitter chocolate and the rich vanilla that slowly builds as you drink, bolstered by a white rum alcohol warmth that makes this a very special beer.

Source: My local Londis

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Neptune Brewery Nāmaka (5.4%)

Brewed in collaboration with Ladies That Beer, Nāmaka is a rather smart little Hibiscus and Passion Fruit Wheat Beer.
It pours a satisfyingly dark pink and smells of honeysuckle and peaches, and taking a swig you find a lovely smoothness to the creamy toffee, walnut, honey and brioche malt body.
The Styrian Wolf hops add a slap of sharp herbal greenery, all damp hedgerows, hazel leaves and hint of liquorice, while the passion fruit pulp adds a juicy fruity and ever so slightly tart kiss in the finish.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Verdant Brewing Co. Bear With Me (6%)

Verdant’s American style Wheat Beer is a summery thing of beauty.
Pouring a thick and soupy pale yellow with a big frothy head, it smells of strawberries, melon and nettles.
The body is smooth and creamy, all brown sugar syrup and those pink waffle biscuits you ate as a child, while the London Ale yeast brings its own bruised peach and lightly spiced apricot heart to the proceedings.
And then there’s the Citra and Chinook hops that between them give you lashings of home made lemonade, lots of fizzy zesty tangerine peel and the warm along with warm woody tobacco leaves.
All this culminates in a finish that’s lively and bitter.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Wylam Brewing Co. El Topo (7.2%)

Brewed especially for this year’s IMBC, El Topo is a Mexican Oatmeal Stout.
The thing is it’s just snow here near as good as it promises.
Pouring a deep mahogany purple brown the aroma is all about the fresh lime zest, and sadly that’s exactly where the beer begins and ends.
There may be a solid treacle tart, dark chocolate, honey and praline malt body, and there might also be a swish of herbal leaves and redwood bark from the Simcoe hops, but everything is kicked into touch by the fresh lime zest.
I mean, in itself it’s a pleasant thing, but it takes over, knocking any prickle of heat from the supposed inclusion of smoked chipotle chillis out of the window and leaving the cinnamon and cocoa nibs nowhere to be seen.
And so, in the end, El Topo, taste like nothing more than a decent stout that someone’s accidentally dropped some lime cordial into.

Source: Pop’n’Hops

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Abbeydale Brewery Greetings From Fort Mill (3.8%)

Brewed in collaboration with Amor Arts Of Carolina, this Grisette with Yarrow and Orange Peel is absolutely smashing.
The aroma is a light and summery crackle of spicy honey and tarragon and the beer pours a very inviting warm peach.
From the first mouthful you find that the yarrow is doing its thing, there’s a soft almost liquorice woodiness coupled with a soft and sticky honey sweetness that makes the beer feel chewy and satisfying.
The orange peel adds a zingy zesty freshness and the Cardinal hops bring lots of pithy herbal greenery while the subtle malting, which includes a liberal sprinkling of rice, creates a light yet solid body.
This beer simply sings.

Source: EeBria

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