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Dog’s Window Brewery Play Dead (11%)

Well now, it would appear that Dog’s Window can currently do no wrong. Take this mixed fermentation Belgian Triple as an example. It’s a beer that could go a number of ways, scorching alcohol, yeasty badness, but Play Dead is … Continue reading

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The Krafty Braumeister Dunkelweizen (4.8%)

Having just won a Great Taste Award, I felt I really needed to try this beer. And I’m so very glad that I have, because it is absolutely terrific and well worthy of its prize. Brewed with oak smoked barley, … Continue reading

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Solvay Society In Silico (6.6%)

Brewed in collaboration with the ever wonderful Elusive Brewing this Bitter Blonde is really rather good. There’s an almost farmyard-y apricot fruitiness to the aroma, it’s a smell that could lead you to believe you’re about to taste a Saison. … Continue reading

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Three Is The Magic Number: Adnams Collaborations

Break Point (4.8%) Brewed in collaboration with Harbour, this Farmhouse Pale suffers from needing a bigger alcohol hit. There’s some lovely things going on in here, the Kveik yeast bringing peaches and apricots, and a little dusty mushroom fug, while … Continue reading

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Adnams Brewery Kobold (4.7%)

Kobold, named after a Sea Sprite that protects sailors, is Adnams’ English Lager, and true to Adnams ethos a share of the profits from this beer go to The Blue Marine Foundation. Most importantly for us howveer, is that this … Continue reading

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