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Beer & Pizza Is A Heavenly Duo: Martin Bros. Micropizzeria

A month or so ago a new place opened up just down the road from my house in the Clarendon Park area of Leicester. Called Martin Bros. Micropizzeria, the place is the next step in the food and beer travels … Continue reading

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BrewChap Brewing Concern Dukla Prague Away Kit (3.7%)

What a world we live in when you receive beer through the post from a friendly home brewer and you’re asked to judge between “bottle conditioned” and “evil keg”. I mean, how many home brewers are kegging their beer? Maybe … Continue reading

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A Tale Of Two Festivals, A Play In Two Acts

A Play In Two Acts, Part 1 Two beer festivals on two consecutive days, both in theatres. But there the similarities end. In reality the two events had two very different reasons to be and different aims. What happened follows. … Continue reading

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Sadler’s Ales Hop Bomb (5%)

Pouring a nice light gold with a little fluffy head, Hop Bomb is a rather good Pale Ale. And that’s fortunate as I have a mini keg of it to drink. The aroma is pears and peaches and a slightly … Continue reading

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Case Study: The Campaign For Really Good Beer

This essay is an extract from a Masters thesis that investigates Voluntary Cultural Organisations, how they grow and how they work in the real world. The full thesis included a section on The Quilters’ Guild Of The British Isles, but … Continue reading

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