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Pomona Island Brew Co. Ti Esrever Dna Ti Pilf (11%)

So, Imperial Jamaican Ginger Cake Stout. What are the things that spring to mind reading those words? Let me guess. Rich and satisfying dense treacle laced cake that clings to the roof of your mouth as you chew. Rum and … Continue reading

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Fallen Acorn Brewing co. Where Is Your Heart? (11.5%)

Now this, ladies and gentlemen, reminds me of why I got excited and started to write about beer in the first place. You see, this isn’t just your run of the mill booze heavy Imperial Stout. No, this Imperial Stout … Continue reading

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Unbarred Brewery Imperial Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout (10%)

I’m about to lay into this beer and so before I do let me remind you how much I love Unbarred and the beer that they make. That said, every brewery has an off day and for me, this beer … Continue reading

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Three Is The Magic Number: Adnams Collaborations

Break Point (4.8%) Brewed in collaboration with Harbour, this Farmhouse Pale suffers from needing a bigger alcohol hit. There’s some lovely things going on in here, the Kveik yeast bringing peaches and apricots, and a little dusty mushroom fug, while … Continue reading

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Insert Coin To Play: Five Years Of Elusive Brewing

It’s Elusive Brewing’s fifth birthday, and being not only a fan but feels like an old beer mate of Andy the owner and Head Brewer, I thought it’d be nice to have a catch up and find out more about … Continue reading

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